World Water Day 2021 Valuing Water

Growing up in Dibrugarh, water was an ever-present entity: be it in the form of water from our tube-well, in our backyard ponds, in form of heavy rains, and floods that kept us homebound for days. Now living in a city and getting used to days with no water in taps, troubles me. Water is resource to save, a way of cleansing at the end of a tiring day, a means of earning my living, and now having built a career in the water sector. Let’s work together to manage water wisely!
Water is the primary driving force in nature. We can’t do anything without water. It’s an appeal to everyone to conserve water and save as much as possible for a sustainable future.
There’s nothing new I can say about the importance of saving water, because this has been an age old appeal since many generations. I see people running their water pumps for hours even after their tanks have been overflowing. This is wrong, and the problem is many are not mindful. Live and let water live… Save water!!
Water is the foundation of life. Best quencher of thirst. It is abundant, yet scarce. Access to clean and safe drinking water should be the right of every person on earth.
The earth is covered by 70% water and our human body is made up of 60% water. Access to clean water is our fundamental right. Conserve water to save lives; it should not be a market commodity.
Water is something which I don’t think about often when I have it. But the other day, I visited my aunt’s place and her locality has a severe water crisis and she gets water in her house only for a few hours a day. During my time there, I realized the worth of every drop I used and it makes me wonder why do we only value something when it’s availability is so scarce.
People will never know the worth of water until the whole world runs out of water. In some parts of the world, this has already begun. We have exploited its usage so much that now our future generations will be forced to face the consequences. It’s not too late, it’s an appeal to everyone out there please be mindful of your daily usage of water and save as much as you can. And, most importantly spread the word.