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NEDA’s Blog is a reflection of the current social, environmental and economic situations and issues of Northeast India. Authors from various background with varied experiences showcase grassroots problems and try to propose solutions to the same. Other articles discusses the cultural setting and livelihood of Northeast India.

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CALL FOR ARTICLES (Volume 2 Part 1)

This year The NEDA Blog is coming out with its next volume of articles (Volume 2 Part 1). Our last collection consisted of over 40 articles from various fields across the region and country; contributed by research students and young professionals.

This year we are adding a new feature where postgraduate students and PhD researchers can send a short article on their thesis or research to share their work with the public. The top five of these theses would be featured in our podcast Logically Local. The selection of the top five theses will be done under expert reviews.

We have also come with new topics for our general blog. Please scroll down for the new topics. This section of The NEDA blog will cover most of the themes from the field of Social Science and Sustainability. We hope to outreach the citizens with important developmental concerns of our region through technicality, facts and sustainability.

We will also feature Assamese articles under this section.

University students, public, policy researchers, educationalists, practitioners and academicians are welcomed to submit their writings, ideas, opinions and discussions. Please feel free to send your articles.

Topics for Volume 2 Part 1

  • Urbanization in Northeast India:
    1. Safe and affordable housing for communities
    2. Flash flood and disaster resilience of urban cities in Northeast India
    3. Waste management in Northeastern Cities
    4. City / Town planning
  • Water and Sanitation in Northeast India
    1. Water-related hazards and adaptation pathways
    2. Drinking water issues in Northeast India: especially Arsenic and Fluoride problems
    3. Accessibility to basic hygiene
    4. Water scarcity issues in Northeast India
    5. Transboundary / Interstate water management / water conflict / opportunities for cooperation
    6. Traditional land-water management systems
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
    1. Agriculture practices and drought in Northeast India
    2. Flood-resistant cropping systems of Northeast
    3. Political Economy of Agrarian Development
  • Conservation in Northeast India.
    1. Human-wildlife conflicts.
    2. Biodiversity conservation.
  • Economic, social and environmental links between urban, peri-urban and rural areas in Northeast India
  • Health Care in Northeast India
    1. Mother and child health care.
    2. Accessibility to quality essential healthcare services.
    3. Access to safe, effective, quality and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all.
  • Livelihood
    1. Dimensions of women empowerment- Social, Political and Economic.
    2. Localizing of resources based on sustainability
  • Local government and the process of decentralization
  • Development Induced Displacement
  • Migration: Pull and push factors to and from Northeast India
  • Arts, Culture and Cinema studies
    1. Indigenous art, culture and language

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