Urban Floods

The impacts of the built environment and climate change in exposing populated cities in developing countries to urban flooding

Recurrent flash floods in urban centres of Assam has become a common occurrence with each monsoon. Among the urban centres, Guwahati as the capital and the most populous urban centre in the region has special prominence is special. A plethora of studies has been conducted by several people and organizations over the years to ascertain the causes of the problem and also to provide their perspectives and solutions to the problem. These studies have provided great insight into the situation have also recommended achievable solutions for urban flood mitigation in Guwahati City. However, there has been no change to the urban problem of the city. NEDA is currently conducting a study where they are trying to identify the shortcomings in possible implementations of recommended solutions by both governmental agencies and research organizations and examine the relationship between the built environment and flood impacts in the city, which annually sustains the damage from flooding. . The study aims to provide guidance to urban planners and administrators on how to alleviate most effectively the costly impacts of floods at the community level.