Northeast India is a global biodiversity hotspot, a storehouse of natural resources and is home to multi-ethnic group of people. Economy of the region in pre-dominantly agrarian and livelihood of people is highly dependant on natural resources. The region is also prone to various natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides and floods.  Under such prevailing conditions, land degradation is bound to have far-reaching consequences on not only the natural resources, but also on life and livelihood of people. Land degradation is both affected by and contributes to climate change, and hence the relationship between the two is both complex and important to understand. Hence, this study has been initiated to understand the status of land degradation in the Northeast, the underlying factors for the eight States and to study the co-relation of climate change and land degradation

The project will be conducted in two phases. The first phase includes review of status of land degradation and climate change in the Northeast through secondary literature. Various National and State level policies and programs that targets land degradation and climate change in the region will be reviewed to understand the available policy framework and state of action taken so far under different Government program and scheme. The second phase will be based on the understanding developed in the first phase. It includes mapping of degraded lands in a selected base year and studying the changes occurring over a consequent time period. GIS analysis and climate modelling-based approach will be undertaken to study the interrelationship between climate change and land degradation.

Mayuri Phukan
Trisanki Saikia

Shalome Khongsai

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