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The Meghna River Basin includes more than 20 transboundary rivers!
Some examples of these rivers are Khowai, Gumti, Manu, and Muhuri Rivers originating from Tripura; Myntdu (Shari) and Umngot Rivers originating from Meghalaya plateau, and Barak River and its tributaries originating in Assam.
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A call for circular economy innovation

WasteAid’s Circular Economy Network  Zero Waste Cities Challenge aims to find two innovations to help close the loop on waste in Guwahati, in collaboration with WasteAid and Huhtamaki. The contest will award the winning innovations €10,000 each and provide up to eight weeks’ of tailored business support, accelerating the city’s transition to a more circular economy.

Do you care about closing the loop on waste in your city? Join more than 150 professionals who are working hard to protect the planet and improve the livelihoods of marginalised communities. Become a member now.

Stories from Peer Organizations

How to reduce the waste crisis at the Boragaon Dumpsite in Guwahati, India

Guwahati is the largest city in the Indian state of Assam and also the largest metropolis in northeastern India. A major riverine port city along with hills, and one of the fastest growing cities in India, Guwahati is situated on the south bank of the Brahmaputra. The potential for pollution of the rivers from waste is huge.