Dreams, aspirations and mental torture

The present time has seen a considerable number of youths committing suicides. These unusual events have smashed the entire society and broken numerous families. The present age is considered as the time of competition, along these lines, students who are unable to ready themselves for competing with others or the individuals who have been confronted by disillusionment in an examination or any other competitive sphere take this perilous step out of frustration. India has one of the world’s most elevated suicide rates for youth aged between 15-29 years as indicated by a 2012, Lancet report. As per a local daily of Assam recently 50 students from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana have committed suicide because of academic pressure. In this manner, the expanding self-destructive rates have turned into a critical social issue of worry for the nation. 

Source: Scroll (Four charts show why India’s youth suicide rate is among the world’s highest)

In the last few years, students of these two states have performed incredibly well in competitive exams like lIT-JEE, NEET and so forth. However, on the flipside, students have become prey to the mental torment and stagnation of mind, individuals who couldn’t adapt to it takes the outrageous stride of committing suicide.

A month ago another instance of suicide popped out where a 17-year old young girl Kriti Tripathi jumped to her death since her score in the IIT Mains was not up to her desires. She had composed a five-page letter to her parents, expressing sadness for not being up to their expectation, for her disinterest in engineering and wanting to pursue pure science and furthermore for her eventual action. The girl expressed hopefulness that her parents would encourage her young sister to choose a future of her own.
The real reason for such suicides of promising students is the pressure given by guardians to satisfy their desires which is fundamentally identified with materialistic outlook where upon the general public dwells on. 

Another perspective that can be brought up is the issue of mental temperament of a student which is disregarded by our educational organizations and society. Thus it is our obligation to give undivided significance to mental wellness just like our physical well being. Students these days are stressed and worried about their career and performance. In such circumstances, they need psychological counselling to cope with the competitive situations and keep the mind in a balanced form to get relief out of anxiety. Hence educational organizations ought to assign psychiatrists for regular counseling to the students. 

On the other hand, Likewise parents should also become noticeably cognizant about the issue and ought to understand that rather than just fulfilling the materialistic needs they must motivate their kids to end up plainly a fair and mindful person. Individuals can do anything with the assistance of the brain. Equally, it can break any individual and make him rationally feeble or it can make any individual rationally solid. There is a probability of a miserable end or a plausibility of having an interminable expectation. Along these lines guardians, teachers and coaching centers should put more accentuation on building a solid personality in a sound body.

Source: WHO

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